2 PhD candidates Ecology and modeling

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Requirements: Ecologists with affinity to community ecology and modeling

Location: Wageningen

Additional Information:

We seek 2 Ecologists with affinity to community ecology and modeling.


One candidate will work on the project SoilTrEC sponsored by the EU,

aiming to analyze geological, chemical and ecological processes

underlying soil formation. The candidate will analyse empirically and

theoretically the development of soil food web structure. Data will come

from different stages of the soil life cycle from sites all over Europe.


The other candidate will work on a cooperative project to analyse the

structure, functioning and stability of soil food webs. The candidate

will analyse data from the National Soil Survey, regarding soil food

webs from more than 250 sites including different soil types and land

use. This project is a cooperation of Biometris (WU) and the RIVM.


Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from: Prof. dr.

Peter de Ruiter, Peter.deRuiter@wur.nl



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