Operation Wallacea: Small Mammal and Forest Exploitation Scientists needed

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Small mammal scientist and a forest exploitation scientist needed for Indonesia surveys:

Two scientists are needed for a mixed university and Operation Wallacea survey of forests in SE Sulawesi for a 6 - 8 week period from mid June to mid August. Initial trapping of small mammals in this forest has captured apparently undescribed species and the appointed scientist would be helping in preparing descriptions of these species as well as completing as full an inventory as possible of the small mammal species. The forest exploitation scientist would be replicating surveys on sample sites across the whole of the Lambusango forests (which have been subject to a GEF/World Bank conservation management programme) in SE Sulawesi to assess levels of rattan exploitation and illegal logging. Both posts have all travel and field costs covered. Please apply to tim.coles@opwall.com with a cv.




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