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 4-year PhD fellowship and 3-year postdoc

>Applications are invited for a 4-year PhD fellowship and 3-year post
>doc to study parasite evolution by combining ecological, evolutionary
>and molecular approaches.
>The project is centered on the interaction between host plant Plantago
>lanceolata and its fungal pathogen Podosphaera plantaginis in the
>Aland Islands in Finland. Prior research on this interaction has shown
>that the pathogen persists as a metapopulation. Despite rapid turnover
>of local populations there is evidence of rapid ongoing coevolution
>between these species. In your project you will ask how processes at
>different spatial scales - molecular, within host, within population
>and metapopulation - affect the diversity and evolution of pathogens.
>The studies will be carried within a spatially explicit framework: We
>have epidemiological data on the occurrence of the pathogen in its
>over 3000 host population collected since year 2001. Hence we know the
>age of the local pathogen populations, and evolutionary dynamics can
>be linked with epidemiological dynamics. In practice, you will carry
>out field surveys in the Aland Islands, conduct experimental work in
>the laboratory and genotype pathogen isolates using SNP markers.
>The research group of Dr Anna-Liisa Laine is part of the
>Metapopulation Research Group, Centre of Excellence appointed by the
>Academy of Finland, where you?ll find a wide range of expertise
>studying ecological and evolutionary questions within a spatial
>Please send your application to by 10 May
>2010. Attach a CV (with possible publications included), contact
>details of two references, and a letter (MAX 1 page) with a
>description of your research interests and why you would be a suitable
>candidate for the project. The PhD project is scheduled to start in
>the summer-autumn of 2010. There is more flexibility in the starting
>date of the post doctoral position.
>For more information, please contact Dr Anna-Liisa Laine
>( and visit our website at
>For information on the University of Helsinki, please visit:

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