Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Positions in Angiosperm Radiations (Switzerland Zurich)

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The goal of the interdisciplinary project ?Cenozoic Radiations? is

to test the hypothesis that the modern Angiosperm diversity has been

assembled through a series of adaptive radiations during the Cenozoic,

resulting from the interaction between evolving plant functional

traits and environmental change. The project will link recent advances

in building and analysing huge phylogenetic trees, with an increased

understanding of plant functional traits, and substantial progress in

documenting Cenozoic Angiosperm fossils. The project is based at the

Institute of Systematic Botany of the University of Zurich, with close

collaborations with researchers in Switzerland (Nicolas Salamin, Colin

Hughes), Germany (Volker Mosbrugger, Dieter Uhl), the US (Peter Wilf,

Kevin Nixon, Maria Gandolfo), Mexico (Susana Magallon), Australia

(Greg Jordan) and South Africa (William Bond). Funding comes from the

Swiss National Fund for Science (SNF).


There are three positions, each with funding for three years:


PhD / Postdoc in building and analysing the Angiosperm phylogenetic

tree. This position will focus on identifying significant shifts in

the Angiosperm diversification rate during the Cenozoic by mapping

species richness over a large, dated Angiosperm phylogeny. This

involves building the tree, rate correcting and age-calibrating it,

and calculating the diversification rate shifts on the tree.


PhD / Postdoc in plant functional traits (PFT?s). This researcher will

identify potential important plant functional traits, and interpret

the evolution of these traits in the context of the Angiosperm

phylogeny. Correlations between global and local environmental changes

and shifts in the diversification rates can be used to evaluate the

importance of the PFT?s in the diversification of particular clades.


PhD / Postdoc in Cenozoic Angiosperm palaeobotany. This will link

shifts in the diversification rates and in the PFT?s to fossil sites,

by placing the nearest living relatives of the fossils on the

Angiosperm phylogenetic tree. This places the radiations in a spatial

context, as well as corroborating the temporal context.


For further information, contact Peter Linder (



Applications MUST be received no later than Wednesday, 30 June 2010.

Interviews to be held either middle July or middle August, with a

start date in November or December 2010.


To apply, send the following materials, as separate PDF files, to

Peter Linder (


1. PDF of cover letter, indicating


--position applied for


--your career goals


--your research interests in context of the Cenozoic Radiations



--a detail of how the previous experience and skills shown in

your CV prepare you specifically for the position for which you are



2. PDF of CV, complete, showing contact information, title of thesis

and dissertation, date, universities, research experience, notable

skills, advanced courses, publication list, posters and talks

presented, awards, service, etc. If your Masters / PhD is not yet

completed, please indicate by when you expect to graduate.


3. PDF of the abstract of your Masters thesis or Ph.D. dissertation

research. If your Masters / PhD is not yet completed, please provide a



4. PDF of university report of coursework, showing grades and degrees

earned (must be in English)


5. PDF's of published papers and papers in-press.


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