Ph.D. position in plant evolutionary biology

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 I am looking for a Ph.D. candidate (3 yrs) interested in the
 evolution of
 plant reproductive traits, sexual systems, or
 biogeography. Current research topics in our group can be found at The
 would we employed according to German 1/2-TVL 13 and would be part of
 University's graduate program in Evolution, Ecology, and Systematics:

 German language skills are not needed, but writing skills, good work
 ethics, and the ability to think creatively and critically are
 desired. Munich has a large and active research community in
 biology and phylogenetics, and the city offers excellent
 and beautiful surroundings.

 The closing date for applications is June 15, 2010, or when the
 is filled. Please send your application, together with a full CV,
 of recent-most educational certificates, and the names of two referees
 to Susanne Renner (

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