PhD Sheffield, UK, climate change & grasslands

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PhD available at Sheffield


ESRC/NERC studentship: Impacts of Climate Change on Semi-Arid Grasslands: Scales of Interaction and Livelihood Security

We are seeking a postgraduate student with a background in both the social and natural sciences to work on this exciting new ESRC/NERC studentship. This project aims to investigate the combined impacts of potential climate change and settlement on the stability of grassland ecosystems in southern Africa, and thus on livelihood security. The specific importance of this research lies in the following factors: 1) Grassland environments underpin the livelihoods of 793 million people globally, 40 % of whom are located in Sub-Saharan Africa; 2) The ecology of grasslands ecosystems, and the services they provide, therefore play a major role in livelihood sustainability; 3) Understanding the complex interactions between grassland ecosystems and local livelihoods is critical to achieving appropriate and realistic mechanisms to address poverty alleviation; 4) Furthermore, climate change predictions suggest that increased uncertainty of precipitation parameters will significantly impac

t upon the security and sustainability of natural resource based livelihoods. This research will focus on two study areas within the southern African grassland range across Namibia, South Africa and Botswana. The project is interdisciplinary, adopting approaches and techniques from both the social and natural sciences.

If you are interested please contact one of the co-supervisors at the University of Sheffield: Dr Chasca Twyman (Geography)<>, Prof John Wainwright (Geography)<> or Dr Colin Osborne (APS)<> AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and no later than 1st JULY 2010 with an expression of interest and CV. Please note this studentship is UK fee status only and applicants must have a Masters degree.




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