PhD study program in Beijing Forestry University, China,2010-2013

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 PhD study program in Beijing Forestry University, China,2010-2013

Prof. DING Chang-Qing of Beijing Forestry University has a grant to supervise a foreign PhD candidate. The student will be enrolled in Beijing Forestry University for a three year PhD program, and will major in Wildlife Conservation. We welcome the students from Europe, North America and Australia who have a Master degree and Avian Ecology, Animal Behavior or GIS background to join us.

The duration of PhD study will be three years, full time. It would be better if it starts from September, 2010. Beijing Forestry University will provide the tuition fees, accommodation and living subsidy. The candidate's research will be supported by the supervisor's project.

The PhD will be awarded on the basis of an 80,000 word thesis and several scientific papers publishing during the study, in which the candidate reports on an independent, sustained and academically-supervised research project investigating a relevant research field. The candidate's research is expected to make a significant new contribution to the discipline and the creative work may form part of the thesis.

The current projects are:
the reintroduction and conservation of Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon);
the waterbird (esp. the Anatidae) migration and conservation in China;
the hotspot and GAP analysis of the conservation of Galliformes in China

If you are interested in this program, please contact Prof. Ding Chang-Qing.

DING Chang-Qing
Professor, PhD
College of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology
Beijing Forestry University
Beijing 100083, CHINA
Tel: 86-10-6233 6869 (Office); 86-13701245927 (Mobile)
Fax: 86-10-6233 6164

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