Postdoctoral position in community/evolutionary ecology

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A postdoctoral position is open within the "Ecology and Evolution"

Laboratory at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France).


The postdoctoral position is focused on the understanding of how

plant-herbivore coevolution affects community structure, at local and

larger scales. Theoretical models will be developed, based on key plant

traits (such as defense and tolerance) and herbivore generalism. The

project involves collaborations with the Plant Science Center (Umea,

Sweden) and the BIOEMCO laboratory (Paris) that will allow comparisons

of the theoretical results with relevant empirical data sets.


Candidates should have a strong background in theoretical ecology,

mathematics and modelling. Net salary ranges from 2000 to 2450 euros

depending on the experience of the candidate. Contract is for one year,

though funding for a second year will be sought to develop the project

further. The postdoctoral fellow will be based at the University Pierre

& Marie Curie (Paris) where the main contact will be Nicolas Loeuille

( <>).


Requests concerning the scientific project and applications should be

directed to

<>. Applications should contain a CV

with a list of publications, a summary of research interests, and a

cover letter detailing the motivations for the proposed project. Two

emails/letters of support should be sent separately.


starting date: between now and the end of 2010.

deadline for application: 20 april 2010.



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