Postdoctoral Researcher - Translocation and Reintroduction Science

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> Position Description

> A Postdoctoral Research Associate is being sought to provide

> quantitative conservation tools for the critically endangered

> Micronesian Kingfisher. The birds currently exist only in

> captivity, and work associated with this position is intended to

> provide guidance for establishing a wild rescue population.


> The postdoc will undertake a three-phase project in the developing

> area of reintroduction and translocation biology. Work will be

> aimed at: 1) developing quantitative tools to identify

> reintroduction and translocation sites for a wild rescue population

> of Micronesian Kingfishers; 2) coordinating and conducting site

> visits and surveys of top-candidate islands; and 3) developing

> demographic tools for managing critically endangered captive and

> wild populations of Micronesian Kingfishers.


> Qualifications

> A qualified research associate will have interests in the

> development of quantitative conservation-oriented decision models,

> population demography, translocation and reintroduction science, and

> the development of conservation theory. Applicants need to have a

> Ph.D., and possess a broad range of interests and associated

> skills. Candidates should have demonstrated abilities with

> quantitative modeling, interests in demographic processes in small

> populations, and the ability to make field visits to remote

> locations in Pacific Oceania. Further, candidates must be able to

> communicate effectively in English, in public, and with a range of

> international and domestic cooperators from private and public

> institutions.


> Location

> The position is funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and it

> will be based in the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Department at

> the University of Missouri-Columbia. Annual salary is $35,000 and

> full benefits are included.


> Application Details

> Applicants should email a brief letter of interest, CV, and the

> names and contact information for references to: Dylan Kesler (

> <>).


> Contact Information

> Dylan Kesler, Assistant Professor

> 303N Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

> 1105 E. Rollins

> University of Missouri-Columbia

> Columbia, MO 65211


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